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Richard created “WisdomWays”  and CollaborativeWays to deepen his capacity to assist individuals and organizations to achieve deep and lasting change.

Richard Schultz - CollaborativeWays / WisdomWaysRichard Schultz and his company, WisdomWays play on the leading edge of personal and organizational transformation, facilitating with processes that not only work, but shift people and cultures to new paradigms of thinking, connection, behaving… and believing!

Richard has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan as well as extensive education in the biological sciences. With a solid business and sales background, he worked as an Account Manager for IBM and other large software firms for over 15 years. In these early years, Richard learned and excelled within the traditional business models and approaches. However, he began to notice that while the leadership and organizational cultures may be often focused and aligned towards the “bottom line”, they tended to be nonaligned and unsustainable long-term with respect to the human systems and the environment.

Richard Facilitates the Whole Person and the Whole System

In the customary way of working in organizations or teams, the organizational structures and culture often put a limit on potential that is inherently there. When we create liberating structures that allow the flow of ideas and information in healthier ways, the seemingly impossible, becomes possible. When the barriers to communication are removed and the environment invites the whole person and the whole system to truly show up and participate in creating and implementing the change, then it can occur with a fraction of the time and expense.

Richard’s training and experience is deeply imbedded in the practice of facilitating the whole system. His style and processes actively engage his clients in discovering where change needs to occur and empowering the leadership to drive the change in the most efficient and effective manner. Richard has worked extensively in whole system processes such as “Open Space Technology” and other facilitation technologies. His constant desire is to transfer to the client the necessary skills, confidence and capacity to lead their own whole system change with a minimum of outside support.


    Richard Facilitates Deep Change

    As much as 95% of individual and organizational behavior is driven by the powerful subconscious mind, including our beliefs, values and sense of meaning or identity. With the subconscious mind measured as more than a million times more powerful than our volitional conscious mind, it is no wonder that most change programs don’t work. When we are only working with the resulting behavioral issue through motivating or training the “conscious mind”, we are only scratching the surface. Change programs only aimed at the conscious level are usually temporary and superficial. People go back to their old behaviors. By working with the subconscious layers within individuals and organizations, the root of limiting patterns are discovered and usually resolved. The resulting behaviors and structures are then easily shifted and permanently changed.

    Richard is an expert in working with the underlying subconscious patterns that hold us back from achieving our goals or being congruent with our espoused values. This expertise is brought into all of his development and change work, either directly or subtlety. From 2004 until 2010 Richard traveled internationally speaking and training people in PSYCH-K® and PER-K® … methods to quickly and easily change subconscious patterns. Richard continues in his passion for enabling deep change in human systems through his writing and in the development of new training programs to assist people in this deeper, faster way to change.


    Richard's Qualifications and Experience

    Richard, through his work with WisdomWays and CollaborativeWays, has extensive training & experience as a leader, facilitator and coach including the following change processes or models:

    Cultural Transformation Tools®

    Assessment Tools and models to assess individual and organizational values and cultural alignment. Inspired by books such as “Built to Last” by James Collins and Jerry Porras, Cultural Transformation Tools® assist leaders in building aligned “Visionary Organizations” that have the internal capacity to prosper and change.

    Richard is certified in these processes and joins hundreds of consultants around the world with this designation.


          The Genuine ContactTM Program -

          This leadership program works with and trains leaders and organizations to work with and facilitate the “whole person and whole system”. By honoring and trusting that people or teams already have the answers to complex problems, the Genuine Contact™ Program and tools facilitate the emergence of this collective wisdom, assisting the organization in finding their natural health and balance. The method naturally develops a strong sense of community and connection not normally experienced in organizations

          Richard is a Certified Trainer and past Co-Owner of Genuine Contact™ Program. He served on this organization's international Leadership Vision Team to create a strategic plan for the Co-Owners of the program and several years on the management team. Within any facilitation design that Richard undertakes for a client, he has the opportunity of engaging the mentorship, expertise and support of this large international community of “whole system consultants”.


          Spiral Dynamics Integral -

          Tools and training for exploring and describing the core intelligences and deep values that flow beneath what we believe and do as individuals and organizations. This unique values-based model charts the evolution and emergence of living human systems that focuses on natural designs and offers whole integral solutions that are ecological, systemic, and life-affirming.

          Richard is extensively trained in this model which informs much of his consulting work.


          Co-Active Coaching -

          This powerful co-active model of coaching empowers leaders in creating the changes they desire in life. This is a partnership that is not just about achieving goals, but also discovering the lessons and wisdom inherent in life experience …building healthy perspectives, balance and resilience in our life and work.


          Richard's Personal Life

          Richard is currently working near Moncton, New Brunswick, although has his home-base is in Calgary, Alberta where he likes hiking, cycling and camping in the mountains. One of his passions is travel, usually traveling months or even years at a time to deeply experience the local cultures or environments. Although he has lived a couple of times in Europe, his favorite travels now tend to be countries like India where he finds a deep connection to his primary passion of spirituality …the discovery of the essence of who we really are and the fundamental meaning and purpose of life.

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